ever make decisions you weren't proud of?
I'm sure that question probably triggers both some comical and heart-wrenching memories for you. I ask, because if you have, you can probably relate to my last few months of life and ministry. I never intended for these e-mails to come across as boastful or super spiritual. My intent has always been to be real & honest... I hope that's cool with you.

If I'm shooting straight, the past season for me was one of disobedience to the Lord. I assumed I knew best, and neglected to ask Jesus for His input and guidance. In more ways than one, I functioned as a backbone-less leader. I could go on and on about how I totally missed the mark.

Maybe you've felt the same.
Maybe it's been hard for you to really lock in with the Lord in light of only being able to attend church online.
Maybe you're a church leader or pastor and navigating this season has been awful and you're near ready to give up.
Maybe you recently fell into some old habits that you know need breaking.

Let me encourage you with the words that encouraged me:

"You can hit delete on the past season." 

You're allowed to.
His mercies are new every morning.
Go and sin no more.

I preached this Sunday. Check it out on Facebook or on YouTube!
Enough with the negative alreaddddyyyyy!
Though the past season had its challenges, it wasn't without some SUPER huge wins!

To name a few:
I've been a witness to multiple physical healings - check out my friend Kelsey's testimony here.
Many have gotten baptized in the Holy Spirit!!! LETS GO!!!
We've seen MANY get set free from demonic oppression, addictions, and mental illness!

FUN STORY: For as long as I can remember, my mom has been terrified (understatement) of dogs. While her and dad were here in NB visiting earlier this month, mom got prayed for and COMPLETELY set free! JESUSSSSSS!!!

ANOTHER FUN STORY: One night in June, after having gone through a few challenging few weeks; my friends gathered around me & prayed for me. I got healed from PTSD, some obsessive tendencies, depression, fear, and more. God is ON THE MOVE here.
I know a lot of you recieving this newsletter follow our EHOP content and have been super encouraged by our ministry. I believe strongly that in this upcoming season, God is calling many to come be a part of what he's doing here. If that's you, check out this video and get in contact with me!

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter! I hope it encourages and stirs faith in you. As always, if you have any prayer requests, please reply to this e-mail with them! Can't wait to hear from you!

The giving of financial supporters continues to enable me to say YES to all that God has called me into each and every day. If you would like to sow into what the Lord is doing through my ministry here at Eastgate House of Prayer, click below!


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