SOMEONE GET EXCITED!! We are living in CRAZY times!

As you probably know, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl yesterday. 

One of the worlds most accurate and prolific prophets in recent history, Bob Jones, prophesied around 40 years ago, that ‘WHEN’ The Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl, it will mark a timeline in the Spirit, concerning the emerging apostolic church, that would be transformation and great shift in the church.

Wow wow wow. What a time to be alive!! I am so full of hope, anticipation, expectation…

I don’t think that it’s a fluke that exactly 50 years ago today that revival at Asbury broke out, or that it's been 50 years since the chiefs have had a chance to win the Super Bowl. The number 50 speaks of the year of Jubilee - a time of the outpouring of the spirit of God! Come on!!!
Lou Engle believes Kanye West’s conversion is a sign of revival coming, too. He has spoken that he believes that there is a monumental movement launching a new decade of awakening America back to God at a critical time in their nation’s history,” Lou Engle said he believes, “[This] will be the spark to America’s third great awakening.”

Y’all. I have full confidence that God is about to do something unheard of - unprecedented. I seriously cannot get over what an honour it is to be alive in THIS generation, in THIS time, in THIS day. Let’s pray, fast, and exalt JESUS until we see hope restored in the hearts of all mankind - but especially in the heart of the CHURCH. 

On a personal front - I have never been more in love with Jesus. Like, Jesus has my yes more than he ever has before. The Lord has ever so gently and in his kindness been calling me out of some pretty significant insecurities I have in regards to my leadership & prophetic giftings; and in regards to the call God has placed on my VOICE - to speak with authority. I’m learning slowly but surely how to die to myself and say yes to God’s call on my life. 

On the ministry side of things… WOW - God is up to so much. 
The youth ministry that I have had the privilege of leading has not only grown numerically, but much more importantly, I have seen the youth grow tremendously in their love for Jesus, their commitment to His call on their lives, their desire to know Him and love him, and in prayer, worship, and encouragement towards one another. 
In October of 2019; I started hosting a Young Adults group out of my apartment and I had no idea that it would become a space that has so deeply impacted myself and many others of my age group. I’ve seen these young adults get free, grow into mature sons and daughters, lovers of the Word of God, and lovers of prayer & intercession. There has now developed a group of us who gather on a separate night to pray for hours for specific things that the Lord is highlighting. I’ve been insanely encouraged to see many of these young adults actually get called by the Lord to serve him full time in the house of prayer. Many are actually giving up their education, their careers, their lifestyles… just to say yes to Jesus and to partner with what He is doing in this hour. UNREAL!
The NIGHTWATCH has officially started here at EHOP. From 12am-4am on Friday and Sunday nights, we pray and worship. We believe that Jesus is worthy of being exalted day and night. We also want to see the night hours that are known for being a time of depression, anxiety, drunkenness, suicidal thoughts, darkness, lust, etc. be redeemed in every way to exalt Jesus. We are asking for breakthrough, hope, and the LIGHT of Jesus to invade even in the night. 
Here at EHOP we have been given a few very specific words that we are very excited about… please agree with us in prayer for these things:
We have gotten words about our house actually serving as an eagles nest. The Bible likens His prophets to being eagles - so this word is actually speaking to the reality that we are going to be a place where many will come to get equipped with the knowledge of God and will grow into maturity to actually step our as God’s mouthpieces on the earth TODAY.
We have been given words that these next 3.5 years for our house are very significant. That there is going to be crazy fruitful and packed full with God’s power & glory being put on display. 
We believe that God has spoken clearly that we are going to see THOUSANDS choose Jesus for the very first time. Please agree with us for this massive harvest of souls, and for boldness to arise in our hearts to preach the truth of the Gospel without compromise! 

All of this to say I am SOOOOO encouraged by what God is doing in my life, here at EHOP, and in the body of Christ at large. I hope that by reading my newsletter, you too are deeply encouraged. 

PLEASE continue to pray for me. I SO believe that my role here in SO important. I’m asking that the Lord would keep me burning, that He would continue to strengthen me, that He would continue to give me grace to pursue all the things that He has called me to. 

PLEASE continue to pray for EHOP - that God would continue to send many missionaries here who are willing to say YES to what the LORD is doing in this hour. Pray for strength and grace for our missionaries, staff, and church family who labor and spend MANY hours a week giving themselves to the place of fasting and prayer. 

Also, if you haven't already, please consider partnering with me financially (as a monthly partner, or a one time gift - I am insanely grateful either way). I am fully convinced that this is such an important time for the body of Christ and as I say yes to the call of God to live a life of prayer, evangelism, & discipleship, I need the financial support to be able to continue to serve the Lord day & night. 

Please reply to this email with any prayer requests you currently have. It would be SUCH an honour to be praying for YOU. 

If you have questions about anything I shared in this email - please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Love, peace, and grace to you,
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