Global pandemic yet the church keeps on keeping on...
The world around us is in such distress, yet God is unmoved and is sovereign over it all. That reality gives me so much faith and hope. What a time to be alive!
Even in the midst of job loss, Christmas' without loved ones, anxiety and depression, doubt, hopelessness... we have an anchor. 

In the year 2020,
Jesus showed up in incredible ways in the prayer room, with our young adults, and with the youth
I grew significantly in my confidence in my calling and in understanding that serving in the House of Prayer is such a special calling that truly grounds me (especially in the context of trial)
I got even more convinced that prayer really works; Jesus reallyhears us; and things really shift as we ask in humility
I became increasingly aware of my tendency to be a workaholic and I'm still learning to let Jesus teach me about rest
I made a lot of mistakes, I was consistently re-navigating EVERYTHING, and I really recognized my need for Jesus and His leadership in my life
I learned that grief is a gift, pain is a teacher, emotions are good, and Jesus doesn't only like me when there's a smile on my face
I was honoured to have over 30 different people financially sow into my ministry
I spent somewhere around 1300 hours in the prayer room
I got more and more excited for the year 2021 and all that God has for me, my ministry, & His church at large
and most importantly, I fell so much more in love with Jesus

I am fully persuaded that my ministry is BIG TIME impacted by having people praying for me.
One goal I have for the year 2021 is to gather 100 prayer partners who'll commit to praying for me on a regular basis. 
If that's you, please reply to this email or send me a message and I will give you all the information you'll need to partner with me in this way.

I am still asking for financial partners who support my ministry on a monthly basis. If you'd like to join the team, click the button below!
(just make sure to click the 'make this a monthly donation' box)

Questions? Just ask :)
To all of you who have prayed for me, encouraged me, financially invested in me, imparted wisdom to me, been a friend to me.... thank you. I feel so loved and so grateful for the many ways each of you have been such a wonderful support system to me and have fuelled what God is doing here at EHOP.
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