This season has been like NO OTHER in my history of ministry EVER. I’ve traded being on stage for being at the back of the room; sometimes in intercession over Canada and sometimes just receiving from the Lord. Delegating has been my best friend in 2021 y’all - being free to soak in His presence is all I’ve ever wanted since saying yes to the Anna call when I was 12. Serving Jesus in this way is bringing me so much life & I'm so grateful for this special time.
One of the ministry things that I've delegated is EHOP’s young adult ministry. I had been praying for a while, knowing that I would soon be transitioning, & that the Lord would raise up ones to take my place. He totally did that & made a way for my pals (and fellow missionaries), Nick and Molly to take leadership!! Honestly, it was super weird and sad to shift from leading a ministry that I dreamt of with the Lord and grew from the ground up. However - it’s been really cool to stand back and see what the Lord is doing as Nick and Molly have taken the reigns. The group is really going after the presence of the Lord & learning what it's like to love God with their whole heart for the sake of the rest of our generation. SO much fruit. WATCH OUT NEW BRUNSWICK.
Since I intentionally delegated so much of my workload, I was asking the Lord to light a fire in me for what I’m supposed to spend my time doing in this season. God has given me so much vision for the EHOP album we've been working on. I’ve taken more of a producing and creating role then I originally thought and I'm THRIVING. From arranging, to creating electronic parts, to building songs from the ground up, I can see how this album is going to come together to touch people's hearts and the nations. I’m SO excited to share with everyone - we are thinking it will be released by the end of the summer.

It's okay to not be okay. Suppressing and being a hyper-spiritual robot stopped working for me a few months ago. My friend Brooklyn saw this and suggested a book that offended me deeply - but was everything I needed. No More Faking Fine opened my eyes to a reality that maybe God doesn't spiritualize my pain the way I have and the way the church has. God actually understands it and wants me to find Him in it. This has been huge for me and has totally rewired the way I think. I’m watching myself function and speak out of compassion and grace toward myself and others as opposed to condemnation and pride. You should get the book.

Iyar. Clearly this season is pretty different for me than previous. I’m learning how to find God in the place of rest, solitude, and tears. If I hadn’t discerned how God was leading me in this season; I would have kept pushing through ministry responsibilities, long hours of work, and helping everyone else instead of seeing that God was turning the light on the condition of my own heart and is wanting to heal me. It’s cool, because this month is the Hebrew month of Iyar - named after the tribe of Issachar who was known for discerning the times and the seasons! ALSO - get this! IYAR is an acronym for “I am God your healer!” As I pray this over myself - I pray that today God would grant YOU a supernatural capacity to discern the time and season you are in and that He would come in power as Jehovah Rapha!

The Church in Canada. I had a dream recently where a church had intentionally put a fence around their building out of fear; but when I asked them about it, they sheepishly told me it was to ‘keep the glory in’! We are living in unprecedented times in Canada & it has never been more important that we as the church have a backbone. I declare right now that fear will NOT govern the Church in Canada AND I decree that the glory of the Lord will cover the earth. As the saints gather from Newfoundland & Labrador all the way to BC, let the glory of the Lord rise among them, move in power, impact hearts, reveal Jesus and let it not be contained in Jesus name!! 

Great question! I know I’m not being called to go back to former things. Because of how much the Lord has changed me in this season, I can't afford to do things the way I've always done them (personally and in ministry). I plan on submitting to new, better ways of ministering to His heart and building Kingdom - but I have no idea what this’ll look like practically.
God has shown me bits and pieces to the puzzle soooooo here’s what I DO know. There is an apostolic call on my life. I really love launching and creating anything to empower & disciple the body of Christ. I also know He's calling me to serve Canada. I’m dreaming about resourcing and teaching and creating and building - who know what that looks like! So up next…... I’m saying yes to Canada & I know He will take me the rest of the way.

The Gift of Tears - Anyone who knows me knows I haven't been a crier for years. I break agreement with being numb & say yes to you Holy Spirit!
Grace to Lament - For my personal life specifically, I need grace to work through things and to cling to the Lord.
The Album - I just KNOW that this album is the heartbeat of heaven & that it will reach lost souls and hearts all over the nations of the earth!
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