Jennie Riddle once told me to not be afraid to speak my mind or share my heart. In the moment, I nodded my head and wrote the thought down.

Four years later, I'm still learning how to speak when I know I should. Being conflict avoidant and deeply fearful about making things about me, I often have to consciously allow the Lord to remind me that my voice matters.

Hear me rightly, I'm not implying that we're to be a people who are unguarded and unwise with our words. I'm just saying that we've been given a voice for a reason - and we're to use it to build the kingdom.

Sharing my heart - that's a whole other deal. I'm learning how to expose myself and be vulnerable before others. Beyond that, sometimes I have a hard time even expressing what I think and feel because I've done such a good job at surpressing my emotions. I'm thankful that Holy Spirit inside me guides and leads me rightly in transparency.

All of this to say, I know I'm not the only one who operates like this. Speak, you're worthy to be heard.

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