This month has been insanely challenging. From a ministry perspective, it's been the hardest season I've ever experienced. I have felt so unqualified, lonely, and frustrated - yet also never more sure of my calling. It's funny how God seems to work like that... 

I've learned in this season that I'm not much of a visionary or creative thinker. I like schedule and things functioning rhythmically and predictably. So, in the context of COVID and learning how to navigate ministry in a new way; it's been a gift to be surrounded by people who think outside the box and love coming up with new ideas. With that, there has been no shortage of things to do or ministry endeavours to participate in!

Young Adults
Young adults has been a huge win in this season! We've had to gather outdoors in our parking lot with everyone in their individual cars; but there have been endless reports of hearts being so encouraged by our weekly gatherings! My favourite part? Multiple denominations and church communities represented! Unify your church JESUS!

Prayer Room
The prayer room has continued as usual in this season. It has been such an honour to continue to labor in the place of prayer and worship and impact homes as people have been tuning into the live stream.
As a house we've also been able to lead worship for national zoom prayer calls that have reached thousands - what an honour.
The prayer room is a space that fosters so much creativity - especially song writing! Check out two of my newer writes: With Us & The Key.

Prayer Walks
My friend Justin hosts monthly prayer walks throughout the city of Saint John. It has been a privilege to be a witness to this ministry as people have given their time to lay hands on buildings and claim uptown Saint John for King Jesus. Building Jesus' Kingdom doesn't get shut down just because most of the world is. I'd so encourage you to go on prayer walks in your own town or city!

Outdoor Church
Since we've been unable to gather within our building's walls; we figured the next best way to gather as a church community was in our cars in the parking lot. It has been incredible to see the faces of our church family and feel more connected in a season of so much separation. A crew of us missionaries have been working hard to set up, tear down, and host these services. I am so grateful for all who have given their time and energy to serve that mission.

As I journeyed through the challenges of this season, at some point down the road, I shifted from rightfully feeling hurt, to functioning as a victim and I hopped on the 'woe is me' train. I ended up preaching on just that this past Sunday. You can watch/listen to the word on FacebookYouTubeApple Podcasts, or Spotify.

Living on Mission
I have learned in this season that living as missionary is a lot less about a job description and a lot more about living missionally. It's gathering with people for times of prayer, seeing people get delivered, leading worship for zoom prayer calls, it's discipling an old friend via Instagram DM's. I've learned the importance of keeping my eyes open for opportunities to build Kingdom and be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever I can.

Prayer Points
**as per usual, please send me your personal prayer requests so that I can be praying for you as well!**
-that Jesus would continue to call missionaries to EHOP so we will see the mandate of 24/7 worship and prayer fulfilled at the Eastgate of Canada! (We are seeing crazy youth & young adult influx in this area, but I'd love for you to join me in praying especially that spiritual moms and dads would join us).
-that financial resource would be provided for each missionary.
-that Jesus would touch each person, family, business, etc. that has been negatively impacted by COVID.
-that Jesus would continue to give me the strength and grace to lead well, and say yes to all that He is calling me into.
-for unity to increase in the church. That we would join together and move together under one banner - Christ Jesus.

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