a few moths ago, i felt the lord say i should start paying attention to the jewish calendar

i knew nothing about it and didn’t really care about it honestly; but i did a bit of homework and started tracking with it. 

last month was the month of iyar, which is all about a time full of grace to discern the times and the seasons (in partnership with the tribe of issachar), and grace for healing. it’s crazy, because i totally experienced the lord giving me grace to step into new levels of both healing and discernment. SO COOL. you probably noticed some similar themes in your life in the past season too!! (would love to hear about it!)

the seasons have changed!! it’s now the month of SIVAN - the month of PENTECOST (shavuot). Pentecost is a three fold feast that’s all about god’s provision

1. gods physical provision - the ingathering of the wheat
2. gods provision of revelation - the giving of the torah during pentecost 
3. gods provision of the holy spirit - acts 2!!!

it’s cool because i personally have been getting a nice few prophetic words and dreams about gods provision in this upcoming season - you probably have been too! let’s believe in faith together that the god does exceedingly, abundantly, above all we ask or think will provide in some crazy ways in this season of sivan!!

side note: sivan is the third jewish month, zebulun is the third tribe - a very business-minded tribe. They traded with many nations and were a haven for many ships. GET THIS: they gave a portion of their earnings to the levites and servants of the Lord. SO - to all my missionary friends reading this - allow the lord to stir up faith in you for some crazy provision this month!!!

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