yup, you heard right - ive released an album​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
this project was totally new territory for me
expressing my feelings in a vulnerable way is new territory for me
i don't really know how to mix or master 
but i knew i needed a way to connect my left and right brain so
over the last two months ive been digging deep and figuring out where my pretty intense abandonment, rejection, and trust issues come from. its been super hard and ive definitely cried a lot.
ultimately, I had to come to the conclusion and rest in the truth that Jesus is my home - he is the only one who's safe. because I have a hard time believing that, these songs function as anthems to help remind me of what's true even when I don't feel it. 
in this ep, you'll find that each song exposes some pretty real things that I think we all face - from fear of not being liked, confusion when god doesn't come through how we thought he would, to being cold and hard-hearted as a way of coping.
if you can find your own story in anything I just shared, this is the album for you.
i hope it impacts you as much as it does me