I've learned that I like to run. Not physically (lol) - but metaphorically when things become difficult or inconvenient.

When I found myself getting too close to people in high school, I learned how to shut them out and get as far away as possible. When I'd be feeling emotions that were negative and I didn't have the maturity to handle them, I'd go to sleep. When things at my job at EHOP last summer exposed insecurities in me, my instinctive response was to try to figure out how soon I could get a flight back to Newfoundland.

Over the last four years at Kingswood, you'd better believe there were many (probably an understatement) times I wanted to run. When I felt lonely, without a place, unsure, fearful, anxious, insecure, etc. running always seemed significantly more convenient.

If I were to have left Kingswood in my first year when I questioned if I was even a Christian, or in my second when I questioned my calling, or in my third year when I wrestled through pride, I would have left prematurely. I would have missed so many things that God wanted to teach me during my four years there.

Here's what I'm saying: If you've been called somewhere, and the Lord hasn't told you or given you permission to leave, don't play God and leave anyway. Don't give up. Don't submit to fear. Don't be a Jonah.

This could be in the context of a relationship where you feel like you're doing all the investing, at your job where you don't see eye to eye with your boss, in a ministry position where you're not seeing the fruit you expected to see...

Our desire to run, is usually rooted to an area in our life where we're not fully trusting the Lord.

His leadership is so perfect, He is so kind, He is a great shepherd. He will guide & release you when it's time to move. He will impart to you EVERYTHING you need to fulfil His calling on your life. He has not left you, abandoned you, or run from you in this season. He's nearer than you think. Run TO the Lord.

"The character of God is a tower of strength, for the lovers of God delight to run into his heart and be exalted on high." Proverbs 18:10
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