it has officially been one month since i released my ep - if you haven’t listened to it yet, i would be super honoured if you would check it out

three things ive learned in the process

1. it’s important to do things for you. i released an ep to the public, but it wasn’t for the public. i get caught up in ministry world and other people’s lives all the time and forget that i even exist. this ep is a memoir of a really hard season and i made it for me - that’s what makes it special.

2. people are longing for honest and real language to sing to jesus. our worship songs now a days are like happy pop hits and read nothing like the psalms. they don’t actually draw us near to jesus bc they lack authenticity.

3. contribute to the world. i struggle with hyper-consuming content; all while neglecting to creating anything of my own. i’ve learned that’s because i’m scared of producing content that’s imperfect, uninformed, subpar. could i have produced something better if i had waited? absolutely. but for how long should i wait? until i’m 50 and have 6 music prod degrees under my belt? there’s only one of me, and there’s only one of you. i want to create and innovate, i want to be me, i want to give back to the world what only i can - today.

anyway, like i said, you should check it out

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