I freaking LOVE prayer - and you probably do too since you're on this page  🤷‍♀️

Here's the deal: going into 2021, I asked the Lord for two specific, numeric goals in terms of missionary partnership. One was 50 new financial partners, and the other was 100 new prayer partners.

Honestly. these two goals felt impossible and unachievable. To my surprise, I made it past 100 by January 31st. CRAZY. Thank you Lord!!

Even though I've reached the goal, I'm still totally convinced that prayer fuels the ministry of the saints. Missionary work is HARD y'all - I need all the prayer I can get in order to keep saying yes to the Lord and the call He's placed on my life!!

 So, now you're probably wondering HOW?

Great question. I use an app called ECHO which looks a lot like the average social media platform nowadays. On Echo, I have what's called a 'prayer feed' and people can 'follow' it. On the prayer feed, you can see a list of my many different prayer requests from prayers for healing to prayers for more missionaries! When you click on a specific prayer request, you can simply click the big PRAY button - to let me know you've been praying; OR you can leave a comment and agree in prayer that way! 

My simple ask for people who sign up to be a prayer partner is that they would check out the app once a week and cover the requests that are there.

Thank you for believing in me and wanting to pray!