Day 1 of OneThing is over and all I really have to say is WOW.

Though I belonged to both a family and church that authentically worshipped the Lord; as a young teen, I would often feel so misunderstood and without a place. There was a calling on my life that didn't necessarily fit the conventional church model and I had no idea what language I needed to convey that to those around me. Don't hear what I'm not saying - they loved me so well. I just had no idea who I was or what the call that God had placed on my life was.

In those moments or feeling disheartened, I'd tune into IHOP's live stream to find many others who seemed likeminded - ones who like Anna in Luke 2 just wanted to be in the place of fasting, intercession, and worship around the clock before the Lord. I felt like they got it - like they understood.

Though I never really understood why I was so attracted to the house of prayer or why I would weep when hearing about the call to be an intercessory missionary; I now understand that it was because God had laid it on my heart then - to serve him in this way.

Today, I was more aware of the faithfulness of God than ever before.

I so wish I could have told 12 year old me that one day I'd make it to IHOP - that I'd have someone travel there with me that both understood my calling and had a similar one; that I'd be working at a house of prayer myself; and that I'd make it through those teenage years of having no idea of how to diagnose what I was feeling or what God was stirring in me.

It's crazy how things come full circle. I love that God is helping me now see what he was doing in me a decade ago.

So, thanks to you, staff of IHOP for mentoring, pastoring, and discipling me through those years. Thanks for teaching me how to pray, how to worship, and how to really love God - before I even really understood what a house of prayer was.

Today, I'm grateful for God's provision and faithfulness.
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