it’s funny bc for most of my life i’ve been surrounded by people who are super passionate about young adults. i can remember numerous accounts of people sharing about their dreams and aspirations for young adult ministries and just simply nodding my head, zoning out, and thinking about much more important things like youth ministry
in september of 2019 the lord told me clearly to launch a young adults ministry out of my home (not at all what i wanted to hear). i didn’t resist for too long before i gathered a few YA’s i knew from different churches in the region together to connect together, learn to love Jesus together, and ultimately get FREE.
yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the launch of this ministry and boy, it’s been a journey. there’s been countless transitions, so many road blocks, seemingly unanswerable questions, plenty of moments i wanted to throw in the towel, happy moments, sad moments, glory-filled moments, confusing moments, and everything in between.
it’s funny, because in my pride, i just expected god to change those that attended on sunday nights (obviously not me, the leader). surprisingly, but also not so surprisingly, my journey to freedom has been so substantial and life altering as we’ve gathered on sunday nights. no other ministry i’ve been a part of has changed me in such a real way.
from the early days of working through curriculum, to making our way through covid by hosting drive in church, to the more recent weeks of it feeling like modern-day pentecost (lol)... whether there’s been 5 of us or almost 50 of us... whether i was so looking forward to gathering, or totally dreading the event... the lord has worked in power in our midst and totally blessed this ministry.
what an honour and privilege it’s been to get to know, grow with, and minister to so many people from a town that used to be so unfamiliar. thanks to every person that’s come, led, and served. each of you have taught me so many things about jesus.
here’s to another ten years
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