It's hard to believe I'm about to have completed 7 whole semesters here at Kingswood. If I'm being fully honest, it freaks me a little bit!
People tell you time flies by; but you don't believe them till your time too has passed. 

7 semesters each with their own flavours of anticipation or frustration
7 semesters of opportunities and let downs
7 semesters of figuring out who God says I am
 7 - the number of completion

This marks the end of a season of my life that has marked me forever. A time where God worked on me in ways I didn't even know I needed. 
Thanks, Jesus, for breaking pride, insecurity, selfishness, loneliness. 
I wouldn't trade these last 7 semesters for anything.

All B.A. in Ministry students at Kingswood are required to do a four month supervised ministry experience in the final year of their degree program & I have the privilege of doing mine at EHOP!
So, even though I'm about to transition out of such a transformational season of life, I'm so ready to move into another and experience the new ways that God will grow and challenge me in this time. 

Please pray for me as I move into my new apartment, begin my new ministry roles, and serve God the best I know how.
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