In this past season, I've been so convicted. Man, I've spent my whole life doing my own thing, yet calling it ministry because I was doing 'Christian' things. Jesus, continue to convict my heart.

Ministry is partnership with God. Without partnership, it's simply good works and at best: it's helpful to others. If good works are the beginning and ending of 'ministry' as we know it; we've missed it. Ministry is partnership with God unto partnership with man. Without intimacy and relationship cultivated with God, we have no ability to do ministry in the power, boldness, and anointing of Holy Spirit. Serving others becomes more than good works and instead becomes authentic kingdom building when done out of the outflow of partnership.

Ministry is NOT about me. I don't get to choose how I serve God and build His kingdom. Where was I when God laid the foundations of the earth (Job 38:2)? It’s vital to the effectiveness of any ministry I do, that I position myself in the low place of humility and remind myself that I’m not the star of the show. God, how do you want me to serve? Where do you want me to serve? How can I partner with what you're already doing? If I do ministry so I can get a pat on the back or my name in the newspaper; the only Kingdom I've built is my own.

Ministry is NOT the obligatory & dreaded chore of the Christian. Ministry is not meant to be something we do to earn right-standing with God or an extra gold jewel in our crown in heaven - that's religion. To think we earn God’s delight over us by what we ‘do’ is flawed theology. Ministry must be a lifestyle that's cultivated from the place of intimacy with God where one is confident that they're already chosen and favoured by their Father before they do another ‘thing’.

Ministry done in partnership is effective no matter what form it takes. Effective ministry always builds the Kingdom of God - whether through the miraculous, healing, salvation, or simply one being shown love through meeting practical needs - and always builds up the other.

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