Man, the Lord has so been exposing me in this season. I've never seen the real tot more rightly.

Honestly, it's a little scary. In a lot of ways, I was totally okay with seeing myself through a skewed lens that was coated in pride, selfishness, and ignorance.

I've got some pretty big insecurities that I've gotta work through; I've got hurts from past mistakes that I've never dealt with; I've got dreams and callings that have been placed inside of me that I've avoided because of fear.

Yet, Jesus - in his loving-kindness - reaches out to me in his grace and invites me to discover who I am in light of who He is. I love stepping into growth, sanctification, and Christ-likeness with a God who gently leads me out of my mess and into holiness.

I refuse to fake perfection or a false persona in ministry as if that'll make people want to love Jesus more. I want to walk in the place of authenticity.

I want to know Jesus. I want my life and my heart to be radically changed by Him. I'll give my life, my everything, to go after the life that is found in Him. I'm fully pursuaded that He is worth it.

Stop surpressing, stop pretending. If your room is messy, clean it.

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