"this does not spark joy for me" is a false theology of joy.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 - Rejoice A L W A Y S

If you're rejoicing always, your joy cannot be sparked. Joy is your anthem, your declaration, at all times. THIS is your inheritance as a child of God who is delighted in by their Father.

Joy is not to be a variable; dependant on the surrounding circumstances. Joy is designed to be a constant - never weakening or fluctuating because the place of intimacy with God is consistent.

Some of you have had things spoken over you that consistently rob your joy. Out of this distortion of identity, you’ve been chasing after joy and it has seemed unattainable.

A joy filled life is secure because it's rooted in intimacy with a Father who consistently tells us rightly who we are.

Who are you? Who does God say you are?

After Jesus spent time with the woman at the well, Jesus says “I’m full!” Why? He enjoyed her. She left full of joy because of Jesus’ delight in her.

If you don’t have joy, you’re not bearing the fruit that God intended you to bear. A joy filled life is a fruitful life. Psalm 1 says the life of one who is righteous, delights in the law of the Lord, and is in right standing with God, bears fruit in EVERY season. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit (Joy that overflows) - It should be evidenced in your life if you know Jesus.

A joy filled life is never hungry. The Passion Translation says - let joy be your continual feast. In Him and Him alone our joy will be full; and it is our fault if we have not a continual feast.

Some of you honestly just feel empty and unfulfilled. Why isn’t this life fulfilling? They told me if I committed my life to Jesus… They told me if I went to Bible college…

Why am I still turning to porn, drugs, alcohol, shame, fear, bitterness?

When speaking of Heaven in Revelation 19 - there is referenced this marriage supper of the lamb where all come, eat, and are satisfied.

A joy-filled heavenly life is one that does not leave you empty. If we're not full, we’re not eating of all that the bridegroom offers.

If our lives are not distinguished by joy - we’ve missed the mark.

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