This past week has been insane. 5 exams, classes, endless assignments, final coffee dates, and the list goes on and on. I can finally say I've completed my last semester on Kingswood's campus!! 

Tuesday was our last chapel service of the semester and the outgoing interns were invited to come forward to be prayed for. You better believe I was cryyyyinnnnngggg (if you know me, you know it's a big deal).
I have had the honour of leading EHOP's youth ministry since September. This group is full of a bunch of insanely smart and gifted individuals and it's my joooyyyyyy to know them. This past Wednesday, we had a super fun time as we gathered together for the last time of the year and had a Christmas party! I may have gotten whipped creme thrown in my face and have eaten a little too much (there was fondue, you can't blame me!).
Early on Friday morning I checked out of my dorm room and it was the weirdest feeling ever. To know I'm not returning in January to a place I've been returning to for years now was just surreal. I made my rounds & said goodbyes, then headed to quispam - I definitely wept the entire way there. I'm thankful that upon arrival, Rachelle and I headed to Chantal's house for coffee & well-needed puppy therapy.
Though I could not be more excited for this upcoming season, I'm sad to see such a transformative time at Kingswood come to a close.

God is up to some huge things at EHOP - healing, bringing breakthrough, salvation, all the things He loves to do - and that gets me fired up to partner with Him, His mission, and the other willing hearts who have given Him their yes. 

Today, I'm flying back to Newfoundland to spend just short of two weeks resting, hanging out with family, and catching up with friends! From there, I'm off to Kansas City to attend IHOP's OneThing conference (EXCITING!!). When I get back to Canada, I'll be hitting the ground running, settling into my new apartment (😬!!!) before beginning full time work at EHOP on the 6th of January!
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