Before I jump in to this letter, I want to thank each of you in advance for reading it. Most of you receiving this email have invested in my life in significant ways - for that, I am soooo grateful. I want to also extend thanks to you who have prayed for me, given to me financially, or have sent me emails or messages of encouragement. Y'all have spurred me on and have sowed greatly into me. I feel so so so blessed.

I'm currently on a plane heading back to Quispamsis from a week at home in NL visiting friends and family. It was my mom's birthday, my grandma's (Gam) birthday, and my great-grandmothers birthday (she passed in 1996 but her birthday is basically a stat holiday for my family lol). 
In being in my hometown, I was actually feeling super stirred by the fertile-ness of that place. Stephenville is a spot where MANY are definitely super ready to recieve the gospel. All you missionaries reading this - Stephenville might be calling your name 🙂 Please be praying for revival to be loosed in that town - that the Kingdom of God would be built and that God would move in HUGE ways! I also really believe my home church - Zion Pentecostal Church has a massive part to play in this move of God. I'm praying grace, boldness, and zeal over my home church today - thanks for praying with me ❤️
As much as I love my hometown and am excited about what God is doing there - I'm insanely excited to get back to my own home, and my church family in Quispam! I LOVE WHAT I GET TO DO! 


I'm convinced that when we follow God's call and get to operate in our calling; joy flows. Yeah, obviously rough days happen and discouragement can set in. BUT - my pursuit of God has left me grateful, happy, and very very blessed. I can't imagine doing anything else. 
Some of yall are still confused. What is this EHOP? What does tot actually do?? I watch the live streams on Facebook - I don't get it? 
I'm gonna do my best to break down my role, and what we as a house of prayer do! 

What is a house of prayer? 
The language of 'house of prayer' is used all throughout scripture (Isaiah 56:7, Mark 11:17) and is explained biblically through the model of David's Tabernacle (1 Chronicles 16). The heart of the house of prayer is perhaps best captured by David’s heart cry in Ps. 27:4
One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple.
Right now, we are in the midst of a global worship movement, focused on prayer and intimacy with God. It is VITAL that prayer becomes enjoyable - not just tolerable - for every believer; it releases a spirit of devotion and fills the heart with worship. When worship is combined with intercession, a spiritual stirring occurs through the corporate body of believers.
I was reading The Jesus Fast by Lou Engle just the other day and he wrote, "Awaken prayer, and harvest will follow... Great movements of fasting and prayer have always precipitated the next release of the Spirit’s strategy." 
We, as Eastgate House of Prayer long to see a move of God in an unprescedented way. Souls being saved, signs, wonders, miracles - revival. We cannot expect to see this move without having first laboured in the place of prayer. 
Practically, this takes the form of many hours of prayer meetings throughout the week. When entering the prayer room, you'll see musicians on the stage leading corporate known songs & spontaneous worship moments as the Spirit leads; and a prayer leader - leading a prayer time about a certain focus (Israel, the church, the government, etc.). The music, combined with the prayer makes staying focused and engaged very easy. If you watch one of our Monday night live streams, you'll see this format - we call it an intercession set. 

EHOP not only operates as a house of prayer, but also as a church. On Sunday mornings, we gather at 10:30am for worship, communion, the Word, and fellowship. Under the church side of things, we have a men's ministry, a youth ministry (which I have the honour of leading), a kids ministry, and are beginning a small group ministry very soon! 
For me personally, along side of serving as the youth pastor, I am in charge of our social media, and I get to serve on different worship teams in the prayer room & on Sunday mornings. I am also planning on moving into a season of helping to lead the nightwatch (midnight - 6am worship and prayer meetings; read Psalm 134:1, Luke 18:7-8, Revelation 4:8).

It's not hard to tell God is at work at EHOP. People are being stirred to serve here and partner with what God is doing from the Eastgate of Canada. Within our church family, we've seen God physically heal many, breakthrough, salvation, and deliverance. Jesus made it clear - we can expect to see the right fruit when we abide in Him.
I'm fully convinced that as we worship and pray in our little house, hearts are being unlocked to recieve salvation, the Spirit of Revelation is revealing Jesus, and darkness is being pushed back over our region, province, and nation. When we understand that our prayers really do move the heart of God, the role of the intercessor becomes no small task. 

Prayer and intercession is necessary to fuel the local church and the body of Christ. Our official name is Eastgate House of Prayer Missions Base. We don't exist to try to recruit people and build a name for ourselves - rather to equip and disciple the body of Christ in intercession to then send people out to the nations. Our prayer room is designed to be a space for anyone from any congregation or denomination to come, to then be sent. 

Personally, I've grown tremendously over the last 2 months of being here. 
My understanding of ministry has been completely destroyed. I'm more and more seeing that if ministry doesn't look like partnership with God, unto family, I've totally missed it. My youth ministry can have the best structure with the best strategies, best games, best preaching - best everything. But, if one of my youth carries bitterness towards the other, we'll never move forward. We've gotta operate like a healthy family. This means I don't have to put on an act of spiritual perfection. Family releases me to be me, to love deeply, and to see people as my siblings - not my projects. In light of that, my ministry is not measured by numbers and stats, but by spiritual growth with the outflow of love for others. 

I'm so encouraged by the ways God is transforming, growing, and maturing me. I don't regret giving Him my yes for a minute - He is so so so good.

Prayer points...
1. That God would continue to grow the ministry of EHOP and the house of prayer globally.
2. As I move into becoming a fully funded missionary, I will be relying entirely on partners to help fund the work that God has called me to do. Please pray that people's hearts would be stirred to sow into me + the kingdom in this way. 
3. Deepening intimacy with the Lord as I fast, pray, and meditate. 
4. After the two car accidents I had in 2017 - I have been struggling with a lot of anxiety and trauma that I have done well with surpressing 🙃the time has come where getting help is necessary. Please pray for divine healing mentally and emotionally and for peace as I move into finding a counsellor & working through my fears.
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