Hey all!!! 

God has been up to so many cool things over the last week from answered prayer, to physical healing, to breakthrough, to calling people into new things. I am so so so encouraged. 

God has been speaking to me a lot lately about the importance of my voice - the fact that I have a prophetic call and a call to leadership. However, for most of my life, I’ve clung to words of death that have been spoken over me, insecurity, and I’ve viewed my voice as insignificant and unworthy. God has been reminding me of how important my tongue is and the importance of honouring the Lord in all things that I speak (we’re working on that one lol). 

Over these last few weeks I’ve been experiencing a ton of symptoms related to seasonal affective disorder. This isn’t a new thing; but it’s obviously something that’s really challenging to face. Please pray for me - for full healing, but also for a grace to find hope and joy in Jesus even when my headspace just isn’t lining up with the reality of who He is. 

For youth this week, I shared on the opportunity to follow Jesus that is being extended to each of the youth. I reminded them that the cost is high, but the reward is higher. I invited the youth into a relationship with Jesus that is distinct from their parents, siblings, or pastor’s faith. Many of the youth responded and I was encouraged to see many of them sign up to follow Jesus in a much more intentional way.

This past Sunday, I had the honour of preaching at EHOP! If you would like to listen/watch, you can check it out on Facebook, or on YouTube. Be blessed and encouraged!

If you’d like to check out some more snippets of me sharing things that the Lord is teaching me, check out my tot’s thoughts Instagram

On Sunday afternoon, a group of about 15 of us gathered in uptown Saint John and prayed for the region and for the land to be healed - according to 2 Chronicles 7:14! It was an incredible time of praying, interceding, and believing for Jesus to build His Kingdom in Saint John unlike ever before! 

Just yesterday, a few friends and I had the privilege of travelling to Moncton to visit MHOP - a house of prayer that just started meeting in the beginning of this year! I love that God is answering our prayers as we ask for houses of prayer to be established in every city in Canada! How awesome!!! I love that Jesus is being exalted, and that prayer is increasing in value in the church! 

Thank you so much for walking with me in this journey - I love that we all get to build kingdom together in all of our different contexts! 
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