Our culture today is insanely me-focused. We're all about self-care, self-image, self-love, self-reflection, self-motiation, the list could go on and on.

I'm honestly just over the pursuit of self simply because: 1. Jesus didn't call me to pursue anyone other than Him. And 2. It's totally flawed (pretty new age, actually) to believe that in becoming me-focused I could become stronger, braver, wiser, or healthier.

What if my life was never designed to be lived for me?

If I'm being super honest, I've been in a super introspective season where I've been analysing and understanding myself a crazy amount. After some eye-opening counsellor appointments, and some revelation from Holy Spirit - I've been seeing the real tot more than ever before.

I've definitely been discouraged and overwhelmed over the last few weeks as my eyes have been opened. The temptation in all this has been to make my life all about me, to expect others to revolve their lives around me, and to make my heart's cry, "woe is me." Me me me me me.

My identity is not in a diagnosis, it's not in the lies I believe, it's not in the moments I fail. The danger is, though, that they will become the identity I operate out of if I'm too focused on myself.

Jesus, in His grace, invites me in my weakness to fix my eyes on Him. He's the only one who can heal me, anyway. I find my life when I lay it down. The radical, counter-cultural message of the gospel calls me to let go of my own self and actually releases me to be free.

As long as we naval gaze, we'll never see the others we were called to serve, and we'll certainly not have a fixed gaze on Jesus.

"I'll focus my eyes away from myself, I wanna see YOU clearly now."

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