I once heard someone argue that we shouldn't sing the lyric, "you're never gonna let me down" - in reference to God's faithfulness because it could confuse some.

"I'm pretty sure God let me down when ________"

When things haven't gone my way, when I've been disappointed, when friendships have fallen apart, when my mental health hasn't been awesome, when things have felt dry spiritually, when legitimately bad things have happened...

I might think He's let me down... But I'd be wrong lol.

In humility, I MUST recognize that I'll only ever see in part as long as I'm on this side of eternity.

I'm not confused about who my God is. He truly has never let me down. He hasn't and will never fail. I refuse to doubt even for a moment that He is any less than who He says He is. He is faithful even when things don't look how I think they should.

In the face of death, heartache, lack, confusion, brokenheartedness, loneliness, suffering, trial, and persecution, He IS good and He'll ALWAYS be faithful.

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