the view from my house
the view from my house
Quispamsis (pronounced kwis-pam-sis) is a beautiful suburban community 15 minutes outside of Saint John in southern New Brunswick, Canada. ​​​​​​​
Funny enough, the first time I visited Quispam, I thought to myself, "dang, I'd love to live here someday" - and I remember feeling so at home. Three years after that, I moved into my very first apartment here.
Two years later, I'm still here and jokingly say I hope I stay here 'till I die. But for real, I want my roots to go down deep - I have so much value for committing to a place, a people, a culture - no matter how hard it gets.
This town is full of life and it's drawing young families from all over. I'm encouraged to see the life of the spirit flowing through this region! 
Saint John is the first incorporated city in all of Canada; named after St. John the Baptist, a forerunner himself.
Saint John is a port city; and has the largest port in Atlantic Canada. There have been prophetic words spoken about Saint John being a "port city of refreshment" and a "pool of Bethesda". We agree, Lord - for many hearts being drawn to Saint John to get renewed, restored, and revived!
1867 - Native to Saint John, premier of New Brunswick, & founding father of Canada, Sir Leonard Tilley came to Psalm 72:8 in his morning devotional time. He presented this verse to the fathers of confederation and suggested that this verse should be incorporated into Canada's DNA. Hence our official name, "The Dominion of Canada" and this same verse being inscribed in stone over the main entrance to our parliament buildings.

I personally feel so much weight on the apostolic/forerunner mantle that's on this region at the eastern gate of Canada. I believe God is doing a NEW thing here and as it breaks forth, it'll be like wildfire - revival across our land, from east to west, and then sent as healing to the nations. 
All that to say, I think its such a gift and no surprise that there's been a house of prayer with a national & 24/7 mandate established here in this region - Eastgate House of Prayer.
We are a house of prayer & a praying church. We exist to minister to the heart of the Lord day and night and intercede to see heaven come to earth in all spheres of society. 
p.s. we'd love for you to come burn with us for a season.
We are hosting a 6 month internship that begins September 2021. We'd be pumped to have you join us. 
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