i’m a charismatic and i’ve been a christian for what feels like forever. i did the bible college thing for four years and i’m in full time ministry. my names tot and i’ve got it alllll figured out and i know what it’s like when god shows up. 

but what happens when god comes in a new way? 

not possible, right? he’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. he’d never want to confuse his kids… lol read acts 10. god purposely came in a way that would offend peter (the acts 2 guy who probably thought he’d seen it all) to see how spiritually hungry he really was. 

i learned this week that i’m probably a little more bound by religion and routine than i thought. i learned that i get offended and immediately decide that it’s no-way-no-how-absolutely-not god. i learned that i have bias and love building a case in favour of my perspective and personal theology. i learned that sometimes i get so caught up in ‘discerning’ and i forget to look at jesus. i learned this week that i still have my own constructed view of god and i don’t like it much when he decides not to be bound by it. i learned that i forget sometimes that he’s god, i’m not - and it’s not the other way around.

am i willing to open my perspective beyond what my church, denomination, pastor, or even my own brain has told me god is like? hmmmm

god, let my hunger for you far outweigh the religion in me - even my desire for normality and familiarity. break open and tear apart the teeny-tiny boxes where i’ve confined you because i think i’ve figured you out. i want to go to new heights, new depths, new levels of revelation - but i realize i’ll never get there if i’m so married to how you showed up last week. 

knock the socks off your church, god… destroy pride in us. shake us. surprise us with the ways you show up. don’t let us confine you to a formula or religious ritual. give us grace to choose humility, surrender, and dependence on you - even if we think we know better.

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