to a church that’s currently infatuated with, yet terrified of death: don’t forget that you came from dust, and you’ll return to it. 


in light of the world’s agenda to make us narrow minded and paralyzed by fear, can we have some eternal perspective for like three seconds please?¿

this world is not my home
this world is but a mist
this world is but a vapour
this world is but an illusion

heaven is my home
glory is my home
jesus is my home
eternity is my home
it’s a real-er reality than what our eyes perceive.

it’s an upside down kingdom.
legacy trumps self-gratification
eternal glory trumps temporary gain
giving praise trumps getting praise
heaven trumps the planet earth 
a laid down life trumps gaining the world

should a plague 5000x worse than the current make it’s way across the earth - will we be like the world who trembles in fear? or will we come up out of the wilderness leaning - trusting the sovereign God who commands our every breath in the first place?

to the church that’s obsessed with ME and has married herself to a self-preserving way of functioning: life is not found here. die to worthless ambition, pick up your cross and come alive in Christ - phil 1:21, matt 16:25

should my body perish
should disease or famine or plague come
should i be persecuted

give me kingdom perspective
give me eternal perspective 

jesus, give me your perspective

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