CONFESSION: in my younger years of walking with the Lord and even in bible college i used to tell my story a lot differently than i do now. i’d focus big time on my alcohol addiction, my sexual sin, my rebellion, my suicidal thoughts… (side note: a lot of those bad life choices, i intentionally made because i was tired of being bullied for being the church kid and i wanted to have BA stories to tell). i thought somehow that sharing my story that way would gain me credibility, relatability… idk. and it did, honestly. i loved the way people’s hearts would get wrapped up in my dramatic stories, all for me to share about superhero jesus coming in to rescue me out of my mess.

i had my stuff for sure; but honestly, the rebellion is such a small part of my story. most of my teenage years were full of friday nights i spent alone in my room weeping before the Lord for the salvation of my friends, reading the Bible, watching sermons, spending hours watching the house of prayer, falling in love with the presence of the lord.

idk. i just don’t care anymore. i just want to intentionally expose that i’m unashamed that I chose jesus at a young age. i’m stupid levels of grateful for the grace that empowered me to do so. i’m not interested in highlighting the rebellion anymore. jesus is worth the loneliness, he’s worth the friday nights not partying, he’s worth every societal and relational loss i’ve ever experienced. if i could talk to 14 y/o tot, i’d tell her not to waste her life by making the bad life choices for the sake of having a cooler story.

the coolest story is the story of a life lived to glorify JESUS.

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