I wish I could wrap my mind around my own story.
I wish my brain could comprehend just how crazy it is that I am where I am.

Man - I am so grateful for two people who loved me so much that they'd travel across the earth just to call me theirs.

What an honour it is to be chosen by two of the most incredible, thoughtful, and supportive people on the face of the planet.

They didn't have to choose me. But they did. Simply cause they love me. If that's not the father's heart idk what is.

My parents are some of the most radical, God-honouring people I know. I'm so excited to see how much more God will bless them.

I'm so grateful for my story.
I love that I've been adopted.

I'm pro-life because my biological mom chose to be.

Jesus, raise up an adoption movement in my nation and in the nations of the earth. Bride of Christ - take a stand. Open your hearts and homes to those who need your love. God, help us value life the way you do. Teach us to be your hands, your feet, and your voice for those who can't speak.
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