I was 12 when I first stumbled across the International House of Prayer live stream. If you're not familiar, IHOPKC exists to partner in the Great Commission by advancing 24/7 prayer with worship and proclaiming the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return.
As a young teenager, I was desperate for more of Jesus, more of His presence, discipleship, and a community of people who value the same. I can remember spending many Friday nights and summer days alone in my room watching their live stream - inevitably being discipled in prayer, worship, and the word. Amanda Cook once said, "IHOP has sown into my hidden place before the Lord more than anywhere else" - that's perfect language.
I can remember one late night listening to their director, Mike Bickle sharing on the Anna calling (Luke 2) - to spend one's life in the place of fasting, worship, prayer, & intercession day and night. Oh my goodness.. this was everything I could have ever wanted. Sign me up, Jesus! I gave my yes to the Lord in that moment to be an Anna - not in the place of hype or pretending - but from as sincere of a place as I could have in my immaturity.
People did not get the house of prayer AT ALL. I'd voice my desire to be in the house of prayer full time and I could see the confusion and apprehension all over peoples' faces. Misunderstood. Maybe I'm crazy? Maybe the house of prayer is useless and not even Biblical? Maybe I'm not really called to this? 
As a teenager, I just wanted to be at church all the time - I should have just moved my bed there. Though the people around me didn't get the house of prayer thing, they totally saw a call to ministry on my life. I loved music and I loved teenagers. So, based on their grid and understanding of the conventional church model, I got a lot of "you should be a youth pastor" comments. 
I struggled big time with the thought of not being supported and affirmed if I pursued my dream and calling to be an Anna. So, I chose to go to Bible college for four years and get a “real degree”.
In my second year, I found out there was a house of prayer 35 minutes away. I was shocked. What could this mean? Is this my open door to say yes to the dream of my heart as a 12 year old? Would people judge me for hanging out with the charismatics?  I was apprehensive because I knew things would probably shift for me if I went.
I showed up at EHOP for the first time in March of '17. As I entered the little white church, I felt so at home. The room was full of worship, expression, authenticity, freedom, and the weighty presence of the Lord. I was right. Things shifted a lot. I came alive spiritually and became so confident that I was called to the house of prayer. 
From that point forward, EHOP became my home. It was easy to plant myself in an environment that carried such a similar mandate to the place that discipled me most. I served wherever they'd let me over the next few years - from music to media to kids to youth - as I finished up my four year degree. I then made the really easy decision to shift to full-time staff. 
Nowadays, you can find me in the prayer room every day serving on worship teams, overseeing our next-gen ministries and media department, or spending time in the place of prayer and study. I love what I get to do - oh my goodness! I tell people all the time that I hope the Lord keeps me stationed at EHOP forever - I'm committed to dying in the house of prayer lol.
So my call… I definitely won't pretend to know all that God has planned for me but as of right now, here’s what I’m confident in: I am called as an Anna. I have an apostolic and prophetic mantle that has been given to me to serve Canada and to rally a generation to value the place of adoration and intercession.
I believe the house of prayer is Biblical, part of God’s plan and absolutely vital in our world (more info). We need places established all across the earth that will commit to worshipping Jesus and asking for His Kingdom to come day and night. The vision for EHOP is to become just that - a 24/7 house of prayer - the first to do this in Canada; built up by a team of full-time missionaries who give their lives to see God’s mandate fulfilled. All EHOP missionaries build their own financial support team and are encouraged to gather a team of people who will pray for them & their ministry.

This is where I need YOUR help.
God has so birthed in me a passion for people, the house of prayer, ministry, and revival in Canada.
I am boldly inviting you to partner with me prayerfully and financially to help me fulfill the Anna call that I so believe God has placed on my life.